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Selection of information

The stated objectives are the basis for selecting information for each strategy. Some objectives may relate more specifically to a single presentation. Other objectives may relate to several or most presentations.

In the case of the slide-tape presentation the main objective is to give information. Therefore, the knowledge-need objective for agriculture (Page 2) is a guideline for selecting the information that should be included in the slide-tape.

In a classroom situation, for instance, a unit on water is to be taught. A part of this unit deals with the water cycle. One of the stated objectives is: In a teat situation, students should be able to draw a diagram of the water cycle that shows the major elements and the relationship of each to the other.

A flip chart is selected as the presentation strategy. The objective requires that this flip chart include the names of the major elements (evaporation, condensation, and precipitation) and that it show the relationship between the major elements. How to organize the information in the flip chart is the next step. Similarly, this is the next step in planning the slide-tape about fertilizers.