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Through the joint PC/AID Collaborative Forest Resource Management Initiative (PASA), Peace Corps has been able to design and pilot technical natural resource in-service training workshops (IST) for each of the three regions. These workshops have been designed to provide technical training for both PCVs and their Host Country National Counterparts. Through these pilot in service trainings, training aids have been developed to be used by the countries in the respective regions to assist in the design and implementation of their own natural resource ISTs. The Solomon Islands Agroforestry IST was the fourth completed under this PC/AID joint effort.

The proceedings of the Solomon Islands' IST have been compiled as a training aid for the NANEAP Region. The sessions included here may be used as guidelines when planning future ISTs and modified as needed to fit each country's specific requirements. You may find that particular sessions are not appropriate to the needs of certain countries and may/should be deleted or you may wish to add other topics not covered here. Whatever the case, we hope that this material will be of assistance to you and facilitate the designing of future agroforestry in-service training workshops.