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Produced by

LBL, Agricultural Advisory Center - Lindau, CH - 8315 Lindau SDC, Swiss


Development Cooperation, Eigerstrasse 73,CH - 30o7 Bern

Editorial Team

Ernst Bolliger, Peter Reinhard, Tonino Zellweger



Ernst Bolliger, Ueli Scheuermeier, Tonino Zellweger and others


Design and Layout

Ernst Bolliger, Sylvia Brunold, Cornelia Konig, Tonino Zellweger


Cover Photos

Fritz Berger, Urs Galliker, Tonino Zellweger


Printed by

Niedermann Druck AG, Rorschacherstrasse 290, CH - 9016 St. Gallen



SKAT, Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and


Management, Vadianstrasse 42, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland


Distributed by

SKAT-Bookshop, Vadianstrasse 42, CH-9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland



LBL, Agricultural Advisory Center, CH - 8315 Lindau


First Edition

German 1990, English translation 1992,; number of English copies: 500


Second edition

1994, 500 copies


3 - 908001 - 20 - X


The Agricultural Advisory Center in Lindau (LBL) and a French speaking center in Lausanne (SRVA) belong to the Swiss Association for the Promotion of Extension Services in Agriculture (SVBL). It supports the cantonal and private extension services by developing new contents, new approaches and aids to be used in extension services. It organizes courses for extension staff and publishes data catalogues and periodicals. It also produces software programs for farm management.

The Directorate for Development Cooperation und Humanitarian Aid is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the official Swiss Government Institution in charge of Development Cooperation.

SKAT, the Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management is an infonnation centre and a consultancy group engaged in the promotion of sustainable technical solutions in the cooperation with developing countries based on the local conditions and directed towards locally accessible markets. Management of Technology means for SKAT the strengthening of the local capacities in the South based on professional technical solutions in line with real market conditions.

Reterence of Illustration


Winterthur (CH)


Rorschach (CH)


Lucerne (CH)

University of Hohenheim B3

Stuttgard (D)

Mambo Press

Gweru (Simbabwe)

Agricultural University Wageningen

Wageningen (NL)


Berlin (D)

Projet Agricole Kibuye (PAK)

Kibuye (Rwanda)


Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)

Origin Unknown


The drawings and illustrations which are not mentioned in the above list were produced at the Agricultural Advisory Center (LBL).