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How to use the materials in Nutrition Learning Package 9

9A Solving nutrition problems in the community

This information sheet summarizes how to approach nutrition problems in a step-by-step way. Trainees will have carried out most of the steps outlined here as part of their training. For example, Step 1 was practised using Material 5B - Food habits chart. Using this material trainees learned what mothers eat during pregnancy.

Go through all the steps with trainees, and identify other activities carried out during training that illustrate the steps in problem-solving.


9B Discussion-starter

Trainees can use this activity in a community meeting to encourage discussion of a nutrition or health problem. Read the procedure carefully. Then practise the activity with the group of trainees. You may want to read the play, and handle the discussion yourself or you can get the trainees to do it.

Then encourage trainees to make up stories and plays from their own experience, and ask a trainee to volunteer to carry out the exercise with his or her own play. If possible ask all trainees to practise the activity in the classroom. Then trainees can carry out the activity in the community.


9C Working with others

This activity helps trainees learn how people can work together to solve a problem. Follow the directions using one group to role-play while the other group observes. Then change groups. Trainees can use this activity when helping community people learn about working together. Get trainees to try using the game in the community during training if possible.


9D Choosing which problem to work on first

This is a similar activity to 9C and is carried out in the same way. Hold group discussions after both of these activities to help trainees summarize what they have learned about working in a committee or small group.


9E Overcoming barriers

Use the first page of this handout to stimulate trainees to think of the barriers a community health worker must overcome to do a good job. After group discussion, use page 169 to summarize the barriers, and the actions a community health worker can take to overcome them.