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Computer Science Unplugged


Off-line activities and games for all ages



by Tim Bell, Ian H. Witten and Mike Fellows

Now teachers can teach children many important topics in computer science ... without using computers at all !

The "Unplugged" project provides teachers with a series of off-line activities designed to let people of all ages have fun exploring some of the interesting ideas in computer science, without having to use a computer at all.  You can try some right now!

These activities are suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, but especially for elementary school children. If a small license fee is paid, the full publication will be sent and permission is given for that individual teacher to use the full series of activities for teaching and to make copies of the activity worksheets for one class.

A selection of the activities is offered here on a shareware basis; if you find them useful we ask that you pay a small fee. In exchange we will send more activities. For each "Unplugged" activity, full instructions are given, and worksheets are provided wherever possible to minimize the effort required for class preparation. Each activity includes a background section that explains its significance, and answers are provided for all problems. These activities will foster fun, curiousity and enthusiasm in classes.

This site is available from New Zealand and Europe. You may get better response by choosing the one nearest to you, or you can download the entire site in zipped format (633K).

About Unplugged - how to teach important computer topics without using computers at all!

Sample activities - full descriptions and resources needed for you to try some of these ideas right now.

Book contents - list of all 20 unplugged activities, games and puzzles.

Events - regularly updated on the unplugged web site.

Pay the shareware fee and get more activities

Contacts - meet the authors.

Related sites

Tim Bell 29 June 1998

All original material in the "Unplugged" pages is Copyright ©1998.

The worksheets may be printed for use with classes on a shareware basis.