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District-wise Variation of Specific Energy Consumption in SSIs

Since there are a lot of similarities in SSIs pertaining to the same industrial code, it was decided to calculate the energy consumption per rupee of production in various districts. These are calculated for the 47 sectors identified in the last section.

Table 14 displays the total energy consumption in all industries surveyed in the district. It lists out many parameters like specific energy consumption in kwhrs/rupee of production, specific energy consumption in rupees, energy consumption/manpower; we can see that specific energy consumption varies from a minimum of 0.02 for Bidar to a maximum 1.93 for Dakshina Kannada district (0.0105 rupees for Raichur to 0.38 rupees for South Kanara district). Similarly energy consumption/person employed also varies from 2,068 for Hassan to 28,940 for Tumkur.


In order to look into variations in each group tables 15 and 16 are generated. They display specific energy consumption for the 47 groups and for all districts. They show remarkable differences in the values.

Whenever an industry consumes more than 25% of its total costs for energy whereas another industry in the same group (producing similar or same items) has a much lower energy cost (say 7% or 10%) then energy becomes a critical factor in the survival of the first industry. Some example groups for this situation are listed below.

1) Foodgrain milling

Tumkur Dist - 0.33


Dharwar - 0.01

2) Biscuits

Mysore - 0.43


Chikmagalur - 0.0167

3) Coffee powder

Mysore - 0.4


Kodagu - 0.005

4) Cold storage

D.K. Dist - 0.48


Bidar - 0.03

5) Bricks and tiles

Tumkur - 0.34


S.K. Dist - 0.33


Hassan - 0.07


U.K. Dist - 0.14

6) Bullock Carts and parts

Dharwar - 0.25


Shimoga - 0.006

The above list shows that price difference is also partly due to the difference in prices for traditional fuels like firewood. This does not mean that energy efficiency is the same; because table 15 shows that the difference in energy efficiency exists.