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Gentlemen, it is not in my character to speak softly; or to provide a paper without giving away come new research toy for others to play with. in representanting PACE, U.S. PSICHONICS, and CALLMORE LABS; it is realized that content of the papers represent self only, and incurr no responsibility by the supporting organizations. I wish to thank them for giving their support and a free hand in reporting my research.

This paper is an end result of research carried out by Gallimore Labs. It is the summation of eight years of laboratory monitoring of transducers to provide a practical framework of Gravity applications. the orientation of this research has been for electronic engineers so they could understand Gravitational radiation, and thus apply new transducers to current technology.

The existing situation is that we have the combined Einstein and Russian schools of theoretical Cosmos approach where extended math analysis is utilized to provide a Gravitational foundation of phenomena. this is selectively an area where only mathematicians can probe comfortly. We have the Quasars and black holes for the physisists to play with, again on a theoretical level; but nothing for the engineer to apply to the everyday world. we lack not application, but transducers.

The multi-level arias laser transducer to detect Gravity anomalies, or the weber drums at nughes aircraft do nothing for the engineer who manta a cheap device where he can use in inventing new applications.

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), dreams of Gravitational astronomy , but lacks the Gravity. To electromagnetic detection and conversion process to implement it. Their engineers and one hundred million dollars appropriated by the congress of the United States in 1977 stand ready to attempt the Gravitational astronomy installation whenever gravity technology becomes practical.

Lets look at sane more applications waiting for control of non-electromagnetic radiation (gravity) or the transducers to detect.

Assuming that an inexpensive Gravity to E.M. conversion transducer is being discovered today; then tomorrow we will have Gravitational on-time analog monitors for examination of ore beds and ore location, earthquake prediction by a proceeding gravitation shift, and biological examination at life itself by frequencies as gravity. Planet monitoring and apace itself become later applicions.

When an emitter and a detector of Gradiation can be joined in a science, then we will have spectroscopes of unimaginable ability; useful for diagnosing and even curing diseases by direct gravitational aft acts on biological cells. Biological warfare then also takes on a new and deadly meaning where distance between any two bodies becomes totally unrestrictive to application.

With the discovery of gravity control cones the impossible to visa discovery of hydrostatic anti-gravity. Indeed this discovery has already been made. Practical Gravity and anti-Gravity technologies exist today. There is even a Gravity bomb possible, an artificial creation of a black hole which results from purposeful creation of "structure" instability of mama. Such a bomb going off would not even be heard by a person standing beside it, but would create a. microscopic black hole that would suddenly grow as it consumed the Earth. It could be the ultimate late of man, and the ultimate horror by destroying all tile and even all traces of our planet.

The discovery of anti-gravity provides us with a possible realization of the flying craft, but few see that there is also free unlimited energy available for industrial nations. the 'excitation' of mama required so little energy that craft could be powered by a normal car battery, and visit any four planets before a replacement battery or charge was needed.

Let me speak frankly; all such technologies ma described herein are known today. All the forgoing devices are a reality in cone primitive or developed context. Such discoveries have been made at Gallimore Labs , and are in common usage daily. Even a laser equivalent, the 'Graser' , which emits a. coherent circular beam of three centimeters width. A Gravity/Space/Time beam which passes through the Earth unimpeded, and may be modulated easily.

Please note that while such discoveries are in existence, all patent applications to date have been rejected by the united State except one, which was given a patent, and later taken away.

Gallimore engineering has ne doubts that that some, all, or more technology as discovered in it's non-government lab are known to the united States and other governments, and are therefor classified top secret potentials which have not been released for the common good.

Such restrictions on a commercial industrial research lab as not allowing patent of discoveries has reduced said lab to a perpetual poverty level, and insured an ineffective statue for further research.

From the research stated, this paper presents two views of Gravity technology; a theoretical exploration of Space/Time obviously in very general terms, but with sane new concepts to excite theorists; and a practical new approach for engineers and crystallographers.

The discovery of Gravity and it's control precluded the research which suddenly found that anti-gravity had somehow been discovered in 1927 by a Poland and German team of scientists working for the Telefunken company.

The theoretical understanding of Gravity itself came as a result of laboratory experimentation where published popular theories were found lacking in some aspects, all that is except Einstein physics. the foundations proposed by Einstein were found to be inhibited beyond a certain point. wheither this was accidential or purposful is unknown. Part one of this paper simplifies Space/Time physics and reaches beyond the Einstein matrix.

The best physicist in the world is an unknown scool teacher in Michigan by the name of Rocky me Collum. His theoretical approach and knowledge has influenced the formation of the stress physics proposed. His work has passed an far beyond Einstein as Einstein passed beyond his contemporaries. The reference here as beat is defined by phenomena understanding and control, not popularity or awards.

My work has been beat known in crystallography. The accepted theory of crystal growth and control derrived from my research, but on being nominated in 1963 for the Nobel prize, contained no reference to me, but was instead proposed by a lab which provided the proof of the Gallimore theory of crystal growth, and their own men as the discovering scientist's.

Of importance here is the combining of separate sciences; The strew physics of Mc Collum, the crystallography of Gallimore, and the uncommon electronic theory of air James Jeans who in 1919 published an electromagnetic analysis which has never recieved an award, but contains the history of each principle which is not found in higher learning institutions. Jeans accurately defines Gravity and anti-gravity by other names. A wealth of phenomena has been uncovered, as have the math relationships to conventional electronics.

Let me now proceed to part one of the submitted paper, and I hope it justifies the bluntness of this introduction.

J.G. Gallimore

nov. 1, 1980