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close this book GATE - 2/95 - Reducing risks for small coffee farmers
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Courses and meetings

19 Sept. - 6 Oct. 1995

Polder development

Delft, the Netherlands

This course provides - in lectures, workshops and field visists - training on polder development and management for senior civil and agricultural engineers. Topics include drainage and irrigation construction and improvement methods and operation, maintenance and management options. The organiser is the International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE).

Details from:


RO. Box 3015

2601 DA Delft, the Netherlands

Phone: + 31 15/15 17 00

Fax: + 3115/122921

31 Oct.-11 Nov. 1995

Modern animal feed manufacturing

Barneveld, the Netherlands

In this course the IPC Livestock Barneveld College, a practical agricultural training centre, will provide practically orientated up-to-date information in the field of animal feed manufacturing. The emphasis is on technological aspects, animal nutrition and feed formulation, economic aspects and quality control.

Details from:

IPC Livestock Barneveld College

Head Department of International Studies and Cooperation Programmes

P.O. Box 64

3770 AB Barneveld, the Netherlands Phone: + 31 (0) 34 20-1 48 81 Fax: + 31 (0) 34 20-9 28 13

1 - 3 November 1995

"Biofair 1995"

San José, Costa Rica

Small-scale ecological agricultural projects from Latin America, Africa and Asia will present their activities at this international fair for bioproducts. The organizers are the Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce and the national Association for Ecological Agriculture.

Details from: Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce 1114-lOOO San José, Costa Rica Phone: + 5 06 /2 21-00 05 Fax: +506/233-7091 and GTZ - Mr. Ulrich Lepel Dag-Hammarskjold-Weg 1- S 65760 Eschborn, Germany Phone: + 61 96/79-3488

Fax:+ 61 96/79-7426

Next issues

gate 3/95

According to our readers' survey, sustainable agriculture is a highly requested subject. Therefore we will introduce current and important topics on the promotion of sustainability in smallholder agriculture. Under the title "Sustainable Agriculture", we plan to cover the following topics:

• the seed issue: on-farm conservation or recourse to international gene banks

• organic cotton: how to make this export crop part of sustainable farming

• interview with Ranjith de Silva on local networking and IFOAM, Asia

• Participatory Technology Development (PTD) in Burkina Faso

• appropriate agriculture alternatives in Nepal

• Mexico: urban agriculture

gate 4/95

This issue will again have a regional focus. The working title is: "The work of NGOs in Latin America". Reports on experience from numerous NGOs will provide an insight into such subjects as how their work is influenced by ethnic conflicts, decentralization and the drug problem.

We look forward to any reports, information and ideas from gate readers.