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close this book GATE - 2/95 - Reducing risks for small coffee farmers
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GATE in Deutsche

Gesellschaft fur

Technische Zusammenarbeit

(GTZ), GmbH

(German Agency for

Technical Cooperation)

Post Box 5180

D-65726 Eschborn

Federal Republic of Germany

Telephone: +49 61 96/79-0

Fax: +49 6196/79 73 52




Roland Seifert

Editors: Peter Bosse-Brekenfeld Barbel Roben Print, distribution, advertisement: Societats-Druck Frankenallee 71-81 D-60327 Frankfurt Federal Republic of Germany

Cover photo: Processing coffee in Tanzania- the crude coffee passes through the washing channel.

Photo: Reinhard Woytek

Focus in this issue: Reinhard Woytek

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