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AT activities

New member of the AT Forum: InterRed

Stuttgart - The network InterRed cooperacion e.V. is a new member of the AT Forum NGO-GTZ. At their April meeting at Bernhauser Forst near Stuttgart the organizations and individuals in the AT Forum unanimously voted to admit the association proposed by AGEE (Association for Development Anthropology).

InterRedwasfounded three years ago in Frankfurt/Main. The NGO's objective is to promote projects with development work and the transfer of appropriate technologies, above all for power generation. Special importance is attached to grassroots and sustainable projects. Geographically the work will be concentrated in Latin America, and above all Cuba. InterRed cooperates with other NGOs, includingAT Forum members KATE (Centre and Working team for Appropriate Technology) and FAKT (Association for Appropriate Technology). After losing Kübelstiftungduetostaff-shorta ges,the forum has now grown to eighteen members again with the admission of InterRed.

North-South Centre "artefact" opened

Glücksburg - "artefact", a centre for appropriate technology and international development cooperation was opened at the end of May in Glücksburg on the Baltic coast. Specialist seminars and courses are offered at this first "energy teaching park" in Germany for interested parties from countries of the North and South.

Participants from industrialised countries can familiarise themselves with resource saving, socially and economically responsible technologies in the energy and construction sectors. "Only through this development work in the North" can working with partners from the South and East become "credible", the artefact staff explain. For this second target group, "tailormade programmes» are conducted on rural water supply and disposal, ways of using re

generative energy, and building to suit the surroundings.

The centre consists of a clay built seminar house with 24 beds and an energy park. In the park are units demonstrating wind, water and solar energy, biogas and biomass.

artefact e. V

Bremsbergallee 35

1)-24960 Glücksburg

Phone: ++49(0)4631/61160

Fax: ++49(0)4631/611628

More information on Hydrocarbon Technology

Eschborn - The GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) Information Service on Hydrocarbon Technology is expanding it's services. Contact persons for the CFC-PhaseOut-Project are Dr. Peter Baz and Dr. Klaus Meyersen (Advisor). Information on the following topics is being collected:

• reports by German domestiC refrigerator producers on their experiences in converting factories to hydrocarbon technology

• publicly available knowhow on the use of hydrocarbon technology

• technical reports on adapted compressors, safety equipment, filling stations etc.

• reports from phase-out projects in Article 5 countries

• general papers on hydrocarbon technology

• questions frequently asked about hydrocarbon technology

• directory and bibliography on hydrocarbon technology

A provisional hydrocarbon information service 15 available on-line via GTZ-BBS modem 00496196797396.

To use our full information service please send your request via e-mail: GTZ-GATE-FCKW@GEOD.