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News from Bonn

Environmental Effects of Development Cooperation Projects

Perspectives on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

In recent years, it has become internationally acknowledged that sustained development and the protection of the environment and the world's resources are not only closely linked but are interdependent. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany has declared one of its priorities to be the conservation of the environment and the restoration of the natural living conditions in Third World countries through appropriate economic cooperation programmes.

To further improve the planning instruments used to ensure an environmentally sound design of development- projects, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) arranged for the establishment of an independent working group. This comprised representatives of two implementing agencies and of various government organisations concerned with environmental protection in addition to scientists and delegates of other associations working in the field. It was the working group's task to develop working materials to identify and assess the environmental effects of economic cooperation projects. These materials are intended to assist in the planning, implementation and progress monitoring of development aid projects. They were discussed in numerous phases, revised, and are now available in a preliminary version (German only) to a limited number of users.

The working materials are divided into three parts covering the following main topics:

Volume I

- Agriculture

Volume II

- Infrastructure, energy and mining, trade and industry

Volume III

- Guidelines for the terms of reference of an environmental impact study

- Index to the catalogue of environmental protection organizations in developing countries and catalogue sample

- Catalogue of environmental quality standards

Volume I is a catalogue of indicators divided into 14 subsectors. It includes guidelines (presented in matrix form) concerning the impact of particular agricultural activities on various components of the environment. To test its applicability, trials have been underway in a number of projects for some time.

Volume II is made up of 46 sector catalogues. Check lists show the major environmental effects of activities in each particular sector.

Volume III contains instructions for the preparation of an environmental study, notes on the catalogue of environmental protection organizations in developing countries and a compilation of environmental quality standards from the Federal Republic of Germany, other industrialized countries and-where available - from developing countries as well. Excerpts from the catalogue referring to individual countries can be obtained from

INFU-Dortmund Post Office Box 500500 4600 Dortmund 50 federal Republic of Germany.

After the materials have been tested for roughly one year, they are to be revised, taking the experience gained and feedback and suggestions received during this period into account. A larger number of copies of this new edition are then to be printed; an English version is also planned. Until then, a limited number of copies of these working materials are available in German to users in implementing agencies concerned with bilateral cooperation and in project administrative offices of GTZ and can be consulted there.

The English brochure, with information on these above-mentioned

materials is available from

GATE (Environmental Unit)

P. O. Box 5180

6236 Eschborn 1

Federal Republic of Germany



fur Wirtschaftliche

Zusammenarbeit (BMZ)

Karl-Marx-StraƃŸe 4 - 6

5300 Bonn 1

Federal Republic of Germany

Solar Energy Programme

Photovoltaic Pumping Systems