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4. Intelligent systems

Intelligent systems also known as expert systems are computer based systems that embody knowledge of the domain experts, offer intelligent advice or take intelligent decisions about a processing function using knowledge and interface procedures which otherwise require significant human expertise. An expert system consists of a knowledge base, an inference engine, user interface and development engine (See fig. 1). The knowledge base contains the accumulated knowledge of the problem as rules, semantic networks, frames and logic. The inference engine provides the reasoning ability to interpret the contents of the knowledge base in a particular sequence. The user interface enables the user to interact with the expert system. The development engine is used by the domain expert with the help of knowledge engineer to create the expert system which essentially involves building the rule set.

In the context of natural resource information, different types of information on multidisciplinary fields such as geology, soil, forestry, water, etc. are obtained from different media like topographic maps, aerial photographs and satellite imagery, etc. Interpretation and analysis of these information on natural resources is a complex process and relies heavily on human experts of various disciplines. The processing of these information using algorithmic methods does not provide satisfactory analysis and hence, a need for experts’ system arises here. Every application in remote sensing deals with a specific field or a group of specific fields and therefore the experts knowledge of those fields can be coded in the form of rules which will extract the knowledge from the database. Expert Systems for many remote sensing applications such as soils, forest resource, water, mineral resource management are being developed at various remote sensing agencies across the world [3,4,5,6,7]. The efforts are being made to build an expert system with a user friendly interface to a GIS to improve the quality and speed of information processing on natural resources.