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Collaboration is a must

When the principles for using renewables have been known for many years, the task of using these principles in practical working solutions is far from easy.

The development of a working technology, whether it is solar, wind, efficiency or others, needs the solving of hundreds of practical problems and needs the combined effort of a large number of concerned persons.

One single person or a small company can not develop a ready technology alone. It is a must to collaborate and to spread out as much information as possible. It is necessary that people are interested in others work and pass on their own experiences, in order to learn from each others success and failures. In order to achieve the best results in developing soft energy technologies firms, NGO's and researchers must start collaboration.

But it is not enough to have technically well working soft energy technologies. Large scale use of soft energy technologies demands political support and understanding for the possibilities of the technologies. It is very important that the economical and organisational conditions are settled.

To promote for example the use of windmills, it must be quite easy to get a permission for setting up a windmill (also for private persons) and It must be possible to have windmills connected to the electricity grid and sell the produced electricity. It is also of importance that the selling price for electricity is high and there are good conditions (low interest loans) for financing the windmills. All these conditions have to be settled, on the other hand the use of larger windmills will be blocked.

Therefore it is important with contact between NGO's, technicians and administrators in order to set up the best conditions for the soft energy technologies. And it is neceassary to have good contact to politicians and the press in order to achieve both political and public support.

One way to strengthen collaboration is to create national soft energy networks for exchanging information between the different groups and run political lobbyism. A network focussing on soft energy technologies can play an important rule towards a sustainable energy system.

Ann Yikkelsø & Gunnar B. Olesen

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The aims of our work are now further support for renewable energy and energy savings, development of energy plans for a sustainable future and to make energy questions into questions of public concern.


Ann Vikkelsø

Gunnar B. Olesen

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