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Sustainable Energy Tour 1995

A report after 2 months of exhibitions for a nuclear free world, starting in Bruxelles, January 11. by Ann Vikkelso

The first 6 weeks in France and England were hard - but also had their good moments. Our last days in Belgium were sunny and very successful. The exhibition has already visited more than 20 towns. And the Walk Across Europe for a Nuclear-Free World has stepped through the first 1500 km on the way to Moscow. We will continue through Germany, the Czech Rep., Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Byelorussia, ending in Russia in October.

France - A Nuclear State

In France, we had a lot of success with school classes visiting the exhibition, and often for the first time realising that there are other possibilities than nuclear power - EdF (Electricity de France) has huge information (promotion) activities, also in the schools. At market places, it was hard to catch people's attention. The Walk had success with their activities against nuclear weapons in France.

England and Belgium - Waking Up In England and Belgium, we have had a more positive response from the general public. Many people were interested. Solar energy is especially popular. Several city councils also are starting to move. For example, in Reading, the city council has made a local Agenda 21 plan, and runs an information campaign on energy saving. In Belgium, we participated in national demonstrations around nuclear power plants. Many new people are getting involved in the anti-nuclear struggle at the moment, because new waste sites are being planned.

How can you support the Sustainable Energy Tour (SET) and the Walk?

Join us - there is still space for more Walkers and exhibition staff.

Sponsor the exhibition, an Eastern European Walker, ...or just the whole thing!

Donations - food, materials...

DRIVERS ! ! - we need more drivers for the truck (C+E license).

SETcontact SNORE,Rijksstraatweg 37-46, 6574 AD Ubbergen, the Netherlands. Ph: +31-80 603917. Email:

Giro account: Postbank 6454704, att. F. de Jonge - inz. SNORE-Ubbergen, NL.

WALK contact: For Mother Earth, Zilverhof 19, 9000 Gent, Belgium. Ph: +32-9-2333268. Fax: +32-92334924.


Africa, Eastern

FWD-Found. for Woodstove Dissemination, P.O.Box 30979, Nairobi, Kenya, Ph.: +254-2-566 032, fax:+254-2-740524/561464,email: au. Stephen Karekezi, Mumbua Munywoki-Muthusi

Africa, Western

ENDA-Energie, 54 rue Camot, B.P. 3370, Dakar, Senegal.

Ph.: +221-225983t222496, Fax: +221-222695, Email:energy@ au.Youba Sokona, Masse Lo

Eastern Asia & Pacific PCATT- Philippine Center for Appropriate Technology & Training, 224 Diego Silang Str. 4200 Batangas City, Philippines. Ph.: +63-43-723- 1155, Fax: +63-43-723-0340 au. Benjamin Gertes

Asia, Central AFPRO - Action for Food Production, 25/1 A Institutional Area, Pankha Rd. D-Block, Janakpuri, New Delh, 110 058, India. Ph.: +91-11-5555412/413 Fax: +41-11-5500343, Telex: 31 65899 AFPRO IN att. Raymond Myles


OVE - Danish Organization for Renewable Energy, Skovvangsvej 191,8200 Arhus N. Denmark., Ph.: +45-86106466, Fax: +45-861061 88, Email: au Gunner Boye Olesen

SZOPK-Foundation for Altemative Energy, Gorkeho 6, 81101 Bratislava, Slovakia.

Ph/fax.: +42-7-364665,. au.Emil Bedi

Latin America

IED - Institute for Evology and Development, Av. Erasmo Braga 277, sale 305, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 20020, Brasil. Fax: +55-21-240

0661, Univ.Fed: Ph.: +55-21-2709995/9662 au. Emilio la Rovere, Ana Lucia Nadalutti la Rovere

REDES, Av. Millan 4113,129000 Montevideo, Uruguay. Ph.: +5982-356265, Fax: +598-2-381640, Email: att. Martin Prieto Beaulien

North America Environmental Action / Energy Conservation Coalition, 6930 Carroll Ave. #600, Takoma Park, Maryland, 20912, USA. Ph.: +1-301891-1100, Fax+1+301-891 2218 au. Mutsumi Mimno, Margaret Morgan-Hubbard