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New Energy Plan for the Philippines

By Pedro S. de Leon, Philippines

The 1996 - 2025 Philippine Energy Plan aims to attain the three-pronged goal of . availability of energy supply; affordable, reasonable energy prices; and, socially as well as environmentally benign energy infrastructures. To pursue the above goals, the Energy Plan includes the following policies: Enhance energy self-sufficiency through exploration, development, and exploitation of indigenous resources (including fossil fuels); diversify sources of both local and imported energy; . pursue large-scale utilization of new and renewable sources; provide reliable and efficient supplies of electricity and of petroleum products; promote conservation and efficient use of energy; . encourage greater private-sector investment and participation in all energy activities; promote the adoption of environment-friendly energy systems; integrate social and environmental concerns in the planning and implementation of energy programs and projects; and . develop an energy information system for planning and decision making processes.