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Closing Dutch Reactor

In a surprise announcement on October 3, the Dutch Board of Electricity Producers (SEP, the highest electricity board) announced that the closure of the 27-year-old, 50-MW Dodewaard nuclear reactor is slated for March 1997 instead of for the year 2004 as originally planned. From this date, the Netherlands will only have one nuclear reactor operating.

This decision was welcomed by many. Even the Minister of Environment De Boer praised the decision. Wijers the Minister of Economic Affairs, said, "Such a decision is only logical, taking into account the political and social forecasts for nuclear power." The decision has widely been interpreted as a victory for, and a result of, the long-standing anti-nuclear resistance.

Since 1980, the plant has been the symbol of resistance against nuclear energy in the Netherlands. A large number of demonstrations and blockades have taken place around the reactor.

On November 2, a celebration party in front of the reactor took place. Preparations are made for a larger gathering in March when the reactor is finally closed.

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