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This book is the result of several years of studies on camel milk carried out at the Laboratory of Dairy Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Department of Food Technology and Nutrition at the University of Nairobi. I wish to thank the many friends, colleagues and students who helped me along the way. Some have been collaborators in the laboratory, others were nomads in the field who helped me with discussions and advice. I am particularly grateful to the late Prof. M.R. Bachmann for his constant support for my work and valuable advice, and Prof. Z. Puhan for his valuable critical comments on the final manuscript. I would also like to express my gratitude to Mr. J.O. Evans, Mrs. D. Atkins and Mr. T. Dyer for providing us with all the facilities to carry out the field work in Rumuruti and Ngare Ndare Camel Farm in Kenya. Last, but not least, our secretaries, Mrs. Christina Fasser and Mrs. Rosmarie Schlatter, deserve special thanks not only for typewriting and correcting the manuscript, but also for assisting me in numerous ways with valuable advice.