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Things to remember

Very often the process of the activity is much more important than the result. Not all children can be great artists, but all can enjoy art!

1.Try to let the children do as much for themselves as possible. It will mean much more to the children if they have been able to complete the art or craft on their own.

2.Painting activities can be messy, so plan in advance. Paint outside, or cover the table or floor with old newspaper; roll up long sleeves; and tell the children to wash their hands as soon as they have finished.

3.Some children are slower than others. If possible, don't rush the child, as again, the child will feel more in control if left to her/himself.

4.Most of the objects in this book are easy for the teacher to prepare. Many objects, like stencils, can be used time and time again if made from strong card.

5.If possible, display the children's art and craft work, as it will help the child feel proud of what s/he has achieved