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Thomas Kuby

Quote from E.F. Schumacher

About the author

Three self-help support models can be identified:

GATE support to self-help organizations

Summary: the experience of GATE

"Small-scale operations, no matter how numerous, are always less likely to be harmful to the natural environment than large-scale ones, simply because their individual force is small in relation to the recuperative forces of nature. There is wisdom in smallness if only on account of the smallness and patchiness of human knowledge, which relies on experiment far more than on understanding."

(E.F. Schumacher)

Eschborn, October 1992

The author::

Thomas Kuby is a senior staff member at GTZ front office for "Poverty Reduction, Socio-Cultural Issues and Women in Development". He wrote "Managing Self-Help Support, I + II", which was published by GATE in 1989. Between 1989 and 1991 he was responsible for developing the methods and instruments of GATE's Small-Project Fund presented in this publication.

Michael Fromm wrote the KPFM-program. He works as computer consultant in Frankfurt/Main.