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Solar Summit, More Heads Than Results

At the World Solar Summit, Harare, September 16-17, 19 Heads of States and 39 other ministers, mainly from developing countries, as well as many others, talked about the large prospects and needs for renewable energy, especially in developing countries. After all this high-level support for renewable energy, it will be bard to argue that the developing countries are not in favour of renewable energy in their development. No Head of State, and only a few ministers from the North participated.

The official outcome of the Summit was the "Harare Declaration on Solar Energy and Sustainable Development and an outline of a "World Solar Programme 1996-2005". The Declaration gives a high-level support for increased use of renewable energy and recognises the important roles of NGOs and women in the development and implementation. Further it invites the World Solar Commission, with 16 Head of States to lead the development of the World Solar Programme in cooperation with all nations.

Unfortunately, the World Solar Programme was not ready for the Summit Only an outline of the World Solar Programme was adopted, in which it is foreseen that the World Solar Commission will finalize the Programme within 9 months.

NGO Participation

While INFORSE participated strongly in the Summit with workshop before the event, NGO-newsletters in English and French during the meetings, exhibition etc., only a few other NGOs were active there.

INFORSE will continue to seek influence on the ongoing Solar Summit Process with the development of the World Solar Programme, which is planned to be ready by June 1997. After the Summit, INFORSE was invite by UNESCO to participate in the development of the "World Solar Programme 1996-2005". This includes submitting proposals to projects on capacity building and awareness as well as liaising with the World Solar Commission and act as oberserver during its meetings.

Coordinator's Meeting '96 - New Plans

For the 1996 INFORSE Coordinators' Meeting, seven of the nine coordinators along with three representatives of the INFORSE Secretariat, gathered in Harare in September before and after the World Solar Summit.

A number of new initiatives were planned (see the boxes), a new logo was approved (see the photo and the front page), and a number of cooperation-projects were planned among the regions, e.g., transfer of biogas technology from India to West Africa

The activities of the regions and of the Secretariat were discussed, including the issue of funding (see boxes on this and the next page). Besides, the Sustainable Energy News, the new INFORSE homepage, and the follow-up of the Solar Summit were discussed.