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Growing fodder crops

You can sow millet, maize, or selected grasses (see Booklet No. 3, page 22), such as Guatemala grass or Digitaria, as fodder crops for animals.

Do not wait until the seeds form. Cut the plants when they are still green and give them to the animals to eat.

Do not let the animals go among these crops.

You must cut the plants at the right moment. If you cut them too soon, they will not have grown enough and will give less food. If you cut them too late, the plants will be hard, and not easy to digest (see page 11).

Many farmers are not used to growing millet or maize to give to animals.

But if they feed their herd well, they earn more money.

Just a few kilogrammes of this food will enable the animals to do better in the dry season.

Do not sow this millet or maize to eat the grain or to sell it, but to give the green plants to the animals to eat. The animals change this millet and maize into milk, into work and into meat, for the use of people.