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Printing Ideas



Paint in shallow dishes

Objects for printing


1.Dip objects for printing into the paint and print them onto paper.

2.Different colours can be used and different objects combined to give interesting patterns.



Feet (need shallow trays with large sheets of paper very close by)

'Junk' (wheels, bricks, pen tops, sticks....)

Balloons (blow them up a little, tie the top, and bounce the paint onto the paper)

Plastic cars with chunky wheels (dip cars in paint, then drive them across the paper)

Sponge. Cut a sponge into different shapes and sizes (If a child has difficulty holding

the small sponge, secure it with a large bulldog clip).

Tennis Balls (good for outdoors, but messy - see balloons)

Fish or shrimps (the real thing)

Finger tips (maybe to fill in outlines of animals or shapes etc.)

Plastic or rubber table coverings (these work best if a pattern is cleanly cut out of the

material then mounted in a cardboard frame)

Cardboard patterns (strip one side of corrugated cardboard to expose the inside

ridges. Cut these into different shapes (animals, trees etc). When they will leave a

stripy shape when used to print.

Fruits and vegetables (cucumber and squash leave interesting shapes).