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View the document Session 15 Construction of wind measuring poles
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View the document Session 17 Tower raising
View the document Session 18 Plumbing the wind system
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Darrow, Ken and Pam, Rick. Appropriate Technology Sourcebook. Two Volumes. Available from: Appropriate Technology Project, Volunteers in Asia, Box 4543, Stanford, CA.

An excellent book on where to find information. It reviews hundreds of books and papers on all aspects of appropriate technology.

Van de yen, N. Construction Manual for a Cretan Windmill. Pub. # SWD 77-4. Available from: Steering Committee for Windenergy in Developing Countries, P. O. Box 85, 3800 AB Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

The best book I know of on building sail-powered windmills mostly from wood. Very detailed, with complete instructions for construction.

Mann, R. D. How to Build a 'Cretan Sail' Windpump. Available from Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd., 9 King Street, London WC2E 8HN, U.K.

A how-to book about the author's experiences in building metal windmills in Africa.

"Proceedings of the Meeting of the Expert Working Group on the Use of Solar and Wind Energy." Energy Resources Development Series, No. 16, United Nations. Sales Number E.76.II.F.13.

Fairly technical, with an interesting section on historical pump types.

Wood, A.D., Ruff, J.F., and Richardson, E.V. Pumps and Water Lifters for Rural Development. Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado, U.S.A. (CER76-77ADW-JFR-EVR61)

An excellent resource on low-cost, locally built pumping mechanisms of all types, including animal powered pumps.

Barbour, Erwin. The Homemade Windmills of Nebraska. Available from: The Farallones Institute, 15290 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental, CA. 95465

A report of the author's trips through Nebraska in the last 1890's and the marvelous windmills he found and photographed there. A testament to the ingenuity of the windmill builders. Highly usable in developing countries.

Reynolds, John. Windmills and Watermills. Published by: Praeger Publishers, Inc. 111 Fourth Avenue, New York, New York 10003. ($17.50)

Many photos and line drawings show the internal workings of many historical mills. A marvelous book.