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3.3 Going through KPFM-menus

The reference guide on the following pages goes through all KPFM menus, explaining how to use them and what they can do. We suggest that you use the folded menu sheet at the end of the book to obtain an overview. Each menu has a number containing 1 to 3 digits. If you are in the MAIN MENU of KPFM and press these numbers in succession, the respective sub-menu will appear on screen immediately. The same numbers are used below to structure the KPFM reference guide.7)

After KPFM has been started, the first screen to appear is the MAIN MENU which provides access to every part of the program.8) It offers the following 7 options:


1 = Enter and correct data



2 = Letters



3 = Administrative reports



4 = Monitoring reports



5 = Distributions



6 = Changes



7 = System Services


The word "MENU" on the right hand side of the frame indicates that the respective option will itself lead to another menu with more options to choose from. If "MENU" is missing you are at the bottom of the particular branch of menus and selecting the option will start the program function. Beneath the top level of the MAIN MENU there are three more levels with sub-menus. An example of the four-level hierarchy is as follows:

1. The MAIN MENU is on the first level of the hierarchy;

2. From the first level, option 1 takes you to the sub-menu "Enter and correct data" on the second level;

3. From the second level, option 3 takes you to the sub-menu "Edit control codes" on the third level;

4. From the third level, option 5 takes you to the sub-menu "Problem types" on the fourth and bottom level of KPFM.

When you are in the MAIN MENU simply press numbers 1-3-5 in succession (this can be done at any speed with no need to wait for the intermediate screens to show up) in order to reach a fourth level sub-menu whose full title is "ENTER AND CORRECT DATA - EDIT CONTROL CODES - PROBLEM TYPES".

Each program function is described on the following pages for reference purposes. When you work with KPFM and need help for a particular function, first find its menu location number in the menu hierarchy plan. Then use the same number for locating the corresponding information in the reference guide below.


Enter data into KPFM in the first branch of the menu tree. With a host of different sub-menus you may

- register a new application

- edit all three screens of the data entry mask

- define and edit all of the control codes which you want to use

- register and edit the address of liaison officers

- evaluate a finished project

All other branches of the MAIN MENU (2-7) select program functions which, in one way or another, process the data entered here.