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Solar Heating in Cold Regions

A technical guide to design and production of solar installations in cold regions of developing countries

By Jean-Francois Rozis &Alain Guinebault. French &English editions, 1996, p.l67, £9.95

Contact: Intermediate Technology Publication Ltd. 103-105Southhampton Row, London WC1B 4HH, UK Plymbridge Distributor: Ph/fax: +441 752-202301/-202331.

Tubular Plastic Bio-Digester: Design Installation & Management

Edited by Timothy E. Simalenga, Bo Gobl, FARMASEA, a regional programme by SIDA and executed by FAO. p. 29,1996.

Contact: FARMESA, Farm-level Ap plied Research Methods in East and Southern Africa, PO Box 3730 Harare Zimbabwe.

Energy Play

Do-lt-Yourself Models, Games & Experiments based on the principales on which renewable energy based devices work. p. 164, GEDA File Ugapatra Periodical of issue Jan Dec 1995

Contact: Hema Patel, GEDA, Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Suraj Plaza II 2nd floor Sayajiguni Vaddodara 390 005, Gujarat, India. Ph/fax: 265-33 0858/-333120.

Utilities and Energy Efficiency

Energy utilities and the Govemment in relation to the energy efficiency and renewable technologies in seven European countries and the USA.

The Main Report edited by Th.G. Potma, P. Boersta. p. 80, 1996.

Contact: International Centre for Environmental Technology, Nikkelstraat 15 4823 AE Breda, Holland. Ph/fax: +31-252-544793

Negawatt Power

The Cost & Potential of Electrical Effeciency in Western Europe

Energy Policy in the Greenhouse Volume II Part 3B, 1995

Contact: Florentine Krause, Int. Project for Sustainable Energy Path, IPSEP, 7627 Leviston Ave,ElCerrito, C4 94530, USA Phf/ax, +1-510-525-7530/-4446, email: ipsep@igc.


Solar Electric Systems for Africa

A Guide for Planning and Installing Solar Electric Systems in Rural Africa By Mark Hankins, Energy Altematives Africa (EAA). Published by AGROTEC Zimbabwe &Commonwealth Science Council UK Revised edition, June 1995, p 140.

Contact: EAA see KARADEA p. 13.

Climate of Hope: New Strategies for Stabilizing World's Atmosphere By Christopher & Odil Tunali, Wooldwatch Paper nr. 130, June l996, p 84. $5

Contact: Worldwatch Institute, 1776 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC20036-1904 USA.

Ph/fax: + 1-202-452-1999/-296-7365, email: wwpub@;

Selling Solar Financing household solar energy in the developing world Report based on a workshop in October 1995. 15 pages.

Contact: The Pocantico Conference Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, 200 Lake Road Pocantico Hills, New York 10591, USA.

Internet Sites Alternative Energy Sources,

A 10-week Course on Internet

25 lectures &homework. Starts in Jan.1997.

World Directory of Renewable Energy Suppliers and Services

Published by James &James Science Publisher. 6000 companies, organisations from about 100 countries Mechanical/dir.html

EREN - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network

By US Department of Energy

Long lists with links to US based organisations. EREC Clearinghouse, Educational section with text files.

Alphabetical listing of sites with links.

Go Solar! Beginner's guide to solar electricity In English & French by Brian Huebner. mepage/bluebner

Opportunities & Resource for Research and Activism in Energy & Environmental Science & Policy

Personal Introduction by Daniel Kammen, USA. Opinions, several links to resources, directories. lty/kamrnen.html

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