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Procurement of emergency relief supplies

Emergency supplies provided by PAHO/WHO should assist in solving the most pressing public health problems that arise during and immediately after the emergency.

The PAHO/WHO Representative should avoid using the Organization's resources for relief supplies that can be provided more efficiently by other donors.

If possible, services and supplies should be obtained locally.

The PAHO/WHO Representative will inform the UNDP Resident Representative and PEED/Headquarters of any large local purchases so that this information can be shared with other donors and with the public information media.

Where response time is critical and the amount of the local purchase in question exceeds the delegated procurement authority of the PAHO/WHO Representative, the PWR will carry out the purchase immediately, and will submit a copy of the purchase orders or contracts with bid documents and a bid evaluation, or a Sole Source Justification, as applicable and an Emergency Procurement Justification, to APO within two weeks of the dispatch of the purchase order.

If supplies are not available or cannot be obtained locally, the PAHO/WHO Representative will send a request for immediate purchase, by fax, electronic mail, or other available means of communication, addressed to the attention of APO/PEED. It is important to provide all the information requested as completely as possible to avoid delays caused by the need for clarification. Please include an Emergency Procurement Justification, indicating that this is an emergency procurement for disaster relief for (explain the situation), in order to ensure that the purchase will be given priority status and will follow special emergency procedures at Headquarters.

In the absence of prior arrangements, the PAHO/WHO Representative will contact the national airline (or another airline, if necessary) and take the necessary actions so that the airlines will provide free transportation for PAHO/WHO supplies and/or personnel, and will immediately advise APO and PEED.