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close this book Getting it right: Integrated approach for short and long term Post harvest protection
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Observation of damage

Yao K is in a dilemma The loss has torn a huge hole in his budget And apart from that, he had followed the advice of the plant protection service and divided his produce up He had carefully thought about how much maize he would need for his own consumption and how much he should store for the long term He had discussed with his wife how much they would need them self and now this! All that trouble for nothings

After a scolding from his wife, he contacted the national plant protection service Before long, plant protection extensionist Edem B came to examine Yao's stores to try and discover the reason for the damage

Edem: Did you treat the maize you wanted to eat soon with insecticide or the maize you wanted to store long term?

Yao: I sprinkled the powder on the stored produce that was to be stored for several months I did not treat the maize I want to eat in