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Recipe page

Momo - A traditional snack of Bhutan and Tibet. Our technical editor recently had the good fortune to work in Bhutan - a little know country that lies between India and Tibet. He greatly enjoyed a local snack momo; a bite-sized steamed product, and persuaded a well-known local maker, Mr Rai, to show him how they are made.

To make momo we need to make the filling and the pastry. The filling which can vary, commonly consists of:

500g finely chopped meat

100g finely chopped onion

50g chopped ginger

2 teaspoons of butter

salt, pepper and mono-sodium glutamate as needed

These are mixed well and placed on one side.

The pastry is made with 600g of plain flour, sufficient water is added and mixed well to form a smooth dough.

The next step is the clever bit!!

Mr Rai rolled the dough into a cylinder approximately 1" in diameter. He pinched off pieces of about 1" which he then rolled into discs of about 3" in diameter - thick in the middle but thin round the edges. (Our technical editor tried this and failed!)

Each disc of dough was then held flat on the hand, a spoonful of filling placed in the centre and the thin edges were drawn up to make a round 'dumpling' or 'parcel' with a fancy pinched top.

Finally, the momos were either steamed for 20 minutes, the traditional Tibetan way, or deep fried - a form preferred by passing tourists.