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Many successful language classes have been given without having even one of the following items. However, many instructors may not be aware of all the resources they have at their fingertips. Here is a list of possible materials, to get you thinking about what you might draw upon.

Realia (items from real life)

1. Food or drink

2. Forms from business or government

3. Articles of clothing

4. Tools

5. Consumer goods

6. Toys

7. Games

8. Charts

9. Catalogs

10. Signs inside and outside buildings

11. Directions on packages

12. Documents (identification, passports, etc.)

Visual and Audiovisual Aids

1. Photographs

2. Pictures

3. Transparencies

4. Audiocassettes and videocassettes

5. Filmstrips

6. Films

7. Slides

8. Overhead transparencies

9. Colored chalks

10. Maps and charts

11. Catalogs

12. Signs

13. Directions

14. Puppets, dolls, marionettes

15. Felt boards