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Advance information

It is critical that trainees he given the data collection guidelines on the following page form as they go on their 10-day to two week site visits prior to coming to the technical training program. The information which they are asked to gather during their site visits will be used during the course of training.

It is assumed that the in-country training centers responsible for language and cultural training will also offer some preliminary forestry sessions,

i.e., host country specific information, tree species, climatic conditions, host country forestry law, local resources and Peace Corps forestry goals and experience in host country.

The country training center should also make it clear to trainees that the technical training program will:

1. be intense (little free time);

2. entail a great deal of study, research and writing;

3. continue to build on cross cultural skills;

4 . continue language training;

5. teach technical skills;

6. be experiential, hands on training;

7. highlight and improve their inter-personal skills.

In some cases, training centers may want to give basic courses to generalists to form a more homogeneous training group. These courses could include forest botany, forestry terminology and simple forestry techniques (using an ax, saw, basic tools).