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The list of those deserving thanks is very long. People have been so genuinely helpful every step of the way. My most special thanks to Gretta Goldenman of the Institute for Food and Development Policy (IFDP), who has been a constant source of ideas and encouragement from the birth of the idea for a children's curriculum to the final design.

The following people all gave invaluable criticisms of the first draft, which also served as my Masters Project at the University of California at Davis: my good friend and hunger teaching partner, Glenn Schoenfeld; my Masters Committee, Isao Fujimoto, Marc Pilisuk, and Miriam Wells; plus the many other educators who helped.

I am grateful to these people who took so much time out of their busy schedules to help me improve the second draft: Therese Caroll Grant, Sister Linda Laine, Jim McGinnis, Jeff Tracy, and Susan Van Dreser.

I am indebted to the teachers who took responsibility for classroom testing the activities of the Food First Curriculum, especially Bea Krivetsky and Rhea Irvine. It was truly an inspiration to watch them communicate such important concepts to their eager students. Also, thanks to Eileen Atkinson, E lien Champlin, Gil Guillermo, Ethel Kirk, Alice Lucas, Annette Mannix, and Nancy Zimmerman.

Throughout the writing process there have always been IFDP volunteers, staff members, and interns who have made important contributions. Thanks to all of you. In particular, I am grateful to Russell Norvell for the energy he put into getting the curriculum into the schools; to Julia Rosenbaum, who always has just the right helpful idea; to Mal Singer for his help with the schools; to Lori Simon and Merle Goldman for help with the songs; to Steve Goldfield for his work on the word processor; to Chris Glazek and Mabel Dennison, who helped prepare the revised manuscript for the word processor, and to Mary Lou Carlson for copy editing. Finally I would like to thank Frances Moore Lappé, who motivated me to work against hunger and who cofounded IFDP, where I was so touched and proud to become an intern in 1980.