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close this book Measuring drought and drought impacts in Red Sea Province
close this folder 8. Changes in tree density on five sites in Red Sea Province: early 1960s to 1989. Roy Cole
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Limitation of the study

Chief among the limitations of the present study is that we were unable to visit more sites. Several reasons were responsible for the time constraints that forced us to limit the scope of our study. first among these was staff unrest leading to lengthy negotiations that had to be resolved before worn could be started A second reason was the delay in the arrival of our computer equipment to analyse and map our results. Related to reason one is that we did not have the time or resources to collect data representative of the entire province. Statements made about vegetation in this paper refer only to the study sites themselves and must not be extrapolated to other areas. A last limitation concerns the resolution of the aerial photographs. Some error may have been caused by our inability to resolve trees less than or equal to 1 meter in diameter. This may have biased our counts of trees on the photographs downward since two adjacent trees, each one meter in diameter, would be distinguishable only as one tree. In this case, the results of the study are more disturbing.