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close this book Measuring drought and drought impacts in Red Sea Province
close this folder 2. Measuring drought and food insecurity in Red Sea province: in 1987 and 1988: a technique for Pthe rapid assessment of large areas. Roy Cole
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Considerable change in drought impacts and food insecurity has occurred from 1987 to 1988 in Red Sea Province as measured by the method described in the present paper. This change was due to the excellent rains of 1988 which fell generally over southern and central Red Sea Province. The rains were so good that pasture was abundantly available in and outside of khors and areas were cultivated that had never been cultivated before. There were areas where rainfall was good but vegetation and other variables scored low.

Our method appears to be a useful technique for the rapid assessment of large areas, however, there may have been some problem with measuring the influence of intervening variables, for example, we were not able to assess the economic significance of camel and sheep smuggling in the northern areas of the province. Had we been able to do so the scores for some of these areas might have been higher. Specific issues relating to the method and results will be addressed in the Discussion and Limitations of the Study sections below.