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close this book Measuring drought and drought impacts in Red Sea Province
close this folder 2. Measuring drought and food insecurity in Red Sea province: in 1987 and 1988: a technique for Pthe rapid assessment of large areas. Roy Cole
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Limitations of the study and comments on the research method

Problems we encountered during the course of the work are listed below.

1. The units of analysis used in the study in 1987 were too big and did not reflect human land use. Smaller units. perhaps clusters of villages, would have been more appropriate. The costs of data collection are a consideration, however. For 1988, several of the zones were still inordinately large. With more information (see below) they could be trimmed into coherent subunits.

2. The concept of the uniform spatial unit was difficult for some of the field workers to grasp. They invariably attempted to classify subareas of the subecozones rather than synthesise and generalise over the entire area. Perhaps this problem would be alleviated by the use of smaller, easier to handle, spatial units.