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close this book Measuring drought and drought impacts in Red Sea Province
close this folder 6. The nutritional status of children in Red Sea Province, July-October 1989: a supplement to the November 1985-November 1987 results. Mary L. Cole and Roy Cole
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During 1988 the nutritional surveillance teams at Oxfam Port Sudan changed their method of work, moving away from province-wide surveys towards a more detailed study of the causes of malnutrition at the settlement level (see "An analysis of areas with persistently poor nutritional status", Fatima Gebreil, Oxfam Port Sudan 1989). In 1989, however, it was decided to undertake one further province-wide survey of the nutritional status of randomly selected children less than or equal to 115 cm in height. This was in order to obtain statistics which would be both representative of the whole province, and directly comparable to those obtained in 1986 and 1987. Such an analysis was thought appropriate for two reasons:

1. To determine the nutritional status of children after the exceptional rains which fell in parts of Red Sea Province in 1988, and

2. To provide an overview of the nutritional status of children in Red Sea Province as relief distributions came to an end.

One province-wide tour of the seven districts in Red Sea Province was therefore undertaken between July and October 1989. It is to the credit of the teams involved that the work was completed successfully despite constant and varied interruptions, harsh summer weather, severe food shortages and the additional work created by the low level aerial survey of Red Sea Province.