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close this book A training manual in conducting a workshop in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of hydrams
close this folder Session 16: Use of multiple rams (1½ hours)
View the document Handout 16A: Series hydram installation
View the document Handout 16B: Waste water series hydram installation
View the document Handout 16C: Parallel hydrams
View the document Handout 16D: Sample problems

Handout 16D: Sample problems

Attachment 16D

Problem 16A:

How much water can be pumped to a delivery head of 200 feet, when there is a drive head of 2 feet, a supply of 50 gpm, and an assumed efficiency of 50%?

Problem 16B:

A community of 200 people, with 70 cows, needs 5 gpd per person and 15 gpd per cow. A spring flows at a rate of 15 gpm, H = 10', h = 100', n = 50%, L:D = 960. How can the community's needs be met?

Problem 16C:

How much water can be delivered to a supply tank 50 feet above a hydram when the drive head is 5 feet, the hydrams efficiency is 50%, the flow rate of the water is 30 gpm, and the largest drive pipe available is 2"?