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Session 5: Transplanting rice





2 hr.


1. To learn appropriate timing and placement of fertilizer in flooded soils.


2. To transplant rice into a prepared paddy.


This session opens with a discussion on the timing and placement of fertilizer in a flooded rice paddy comparing it to conventional fertilizer application procedures. Trainees then transplant rice seedlings from their nursery beds into the prepared paddy.





3 Min.

Trainer states goals and relevance of the session.

20 Min.

Trainer/trainee dialogue on the placement of fertilizer in flooded soils, frequency of application, and types of fertilizer to use.

10 Min.

Trainer discusses the reasons for planting rice in rows and the use of a knotted rope to space plant groups within the rows.

5 Min.

Trainer demonstrates the proper technique for uprooting seedlings and transplanting rice into the paddy.

80 Min.

Trainee groups of 6-8 transplant rice in rows into the paddies they had prepared during the session on rice land preparation.


• Rice paddies prepared for transplanting


• Rice seedlings


• Ropes knotted at desired spacing intervals


• Stakes


• 1 hammer per group


• 1 tape measure per group


• 2 shovels per group


• Source of water

Trainer Notes:

This session can serve as a valuable review of rice production techniques studies up to this point.


Maintenance time can be used if more time is needed to water the paddy and finish the transplanting.


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