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View the document Handout 9.5.1 - Take-home examination (Supplementary learning materials)
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View the document 9.1 Project #3: Final evaluation
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Session 9. Project #4: Production & printing 9.0


Project #3, corrected as indicated by the pretest, will be submitted for final evaluation. Stencils will be adhered to silkscreens and one Or two color runs of the display poster will be printed,


Participants will demonstrate their technical knowledge and mechanical skills by preparing silkscreens for printing. They will gain first-hand experience of the actual printing process.

Participants will also demonstrate their theoretical knowledge by completing a take-home examination (homework assignment).


display poster/tight comp (from Activity 7.7)

keylined pattern & color separations (from Activity 8.3)

cut stencils (from Activity 8.4)

exacto knives

gloss varnish & brush

lacquer thinner


A SILKSCREEN MANUAL (handout 7.7.1)


silkscreen ink


masking tape

poster paper

newsprint or brown paper

take-home examination (handout 9.5.1)

action plan (handout 9.5.2)



1) Reproduce sufficient numbers of the action plan and the take-home examination for all participants to have a copy of each.

2) Cover work tables with newsprint or brown paper.

3) Assemble materials for adhering stencils to the screens.

4) Assemble materials for printing.



Estimated Time

9.1 Project #3: Final Evaluation

20 minutes

9.2 Project #4: Adhering the Stencil


*** Merienda


9.3 Printing the Poster


9.4 Clean-up


9.5 Homework Assignment: Workshop Evaluation



180 minutes