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close this book A training manual in conducting a workshop in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of hydrams
close this folder Session 5: Review exercise #1 (2 hours)
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Handout 5A: Review exercise #1


1. How does a Hydram work?________________________________________________________

2. In a hydram installation where the hydram is located 20 feet below the spring box, how much water could be pumped in a day to a storage tank 100 feet above the springs' box if the spring is flowing 10 gpm and the hydram efficiency is 50%?______________________________________

3. What is the flow rate in gpm through a weir, four inches wide, when the water level is 5 3/8" above the bottom of the weir slot when measured two feet upstream?_________________________

4. What is the height of your eye level?________________________________________________

5. What is the length of your pace?___________________________________________________