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close this book A training manual in conducting a workshop in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of hydrams
close this folder Session 1: Introduction to training (1½ hours)
View the document Handout 1A: "What's in a name"
View the document Handout 1B: Hydram Training Workshop Objectives

Session 1: Introduction to training (1½ hours)

Total Time: 1½ hours


By the end of this session trainees will have


familiarized themselves with each other and training staff; and


identified and clarified their expectations and those of the staff.


This session is designed to establish a climate of active participation and collaborative problem-solving in the workshop. The schedule should be reviewed and discussed, and expectations need to he shared and processed.



Handout 1A: "What's in a Name"


Handout 1B: Workshop objectives


Notebook or pad for each trainee (ring binder)


Flipchart/markers or chalkboard/chalk


Goals of workshop on a flipchart/chalkboard

Workshop Goals:

1. To design, construct, operate, maintain and repair hydrams.

2. Identify issues in hydram project planning and implementation.

Note: "What's in a Name" is a recommended icebreaker. Trainer may use another that achieves the same objectives.





1. Welcome the participants to the workshop and introduce the staff. Have each staff-member say a few words about him/herself.

10 min.

2. Introduce the "What's in a Name" exercise and divide the group into small groups of 4-6 participants.

Allow 30 min. for this.

3. Distribute the handout "What's in a Name" and have the groups discuss of the groups as a participant. Their names using questions on the Be sure to give the groups a handout as a guide. time check.

Trainer may want to join one

4. As a large group have the participants share some of the interesting "stories" that may have come out of their small group discussions about their names.


Goal Setting


5. Review goals listed on newsprint. Distribute the workshop objectives and ask participants to read them.

10 min. Participants should already have copies of the objectives. Have additional copies on hand just in case. Answer any questions



6. Explain that one of the purposes of this session is to identify and clarify expectations of the training workshop.


7. Ask the trainees to list their individual expectations of the workshop on a sheet of paper.

5 min.

8. Have the trainees form small groups of 4-5 people and ask them to share their expectations listing those they have in common on newsprint. Staff will do the same.

15 min.

9. Ask a reporter from each group to post their group's list and share it with the large group.

20 min.

10. Clarify which expectations can be met during the workshop and those which cannot.


11. Distribute the schedule for the workshop and discuss the first day. Explain the workshop site procedure (mealtimes, facilities, etc.).

5 min.

12. End the session by summarizing the. Shared expectations of the group and mention that the list will be reviewed at the end of the workshop to determine how well the expectations have been met. Ask participants to bring "Participant Site Information Worksheet" to next session.

5 min