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close this book A training manual in conducting a workshop in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of hydrams
close this folder Session 5: Review exercise #1 (2 hours)
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Session 5: Review exercise #1 (2 hours)


Total Time: 2 hours

OBJECTIVES: By the end of this session trainees will have described how a hydram works, in their own words, solved review problems independently and clarified any misunderstandings to date.

OVERVIEW: This session provides an opportunity for participants to review and synthesize material to date.

MATERIALS: Handout 5A Pencil, paper Chalkboard/chalk or flipchart-markers





Encourage questions on any information that has been presented thus far and try to get trainees to answer for each other.

30 min.


Distribute the review exercise, and ask individuals to complete it on their own.

30 min


After everyone has completed the review exercise, have them discuss answers with one other person.

20 min


Ask for volunteers to share answers to individual problems.

30 min.