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close this book A training manual in conducting a workshop in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of hydrams
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Open this folder and view contents Construction of a PVC hydram time: 4-5 hours (for demonstration purposes)

Workshop: tools, equipment, materials

Quantities vary according to training group size.

Approximately 1 complete set per 4 trainees.


On hand at training site

Can be borrowed from:

Can be purchased from

Approx. Cost:

Standard size buckets, e.g., 20 liter, 5 gal


2-3 55 gal drums


3-6 21" pipes 3/4" Diam. diameter


Lumber for molds, weirs, braces


Sight levels


Carpenters levels


Measuring tapes




Pipe Wrenches












Various size nails


Misc. hardware, nuts, bolts, washers, etc


Gasket material: rubber, cork


Rubber sheet 3/16" - ΒΌ" thick can be inner tube


Steel plate 3/16" - 1/4" thick


Pipe joint compound or Teflon tape


Access to metal working Facility for cutting, drilling, grinding stall plate