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How to make Murukku

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How to make Murukklu, a rice or bean flour snack popular in Sri Lanka, by Ann Maddison, Intermediate Technology.


Rice flour (or black gram bean flour) 2/3 by weight

Chilli powder Salt

Coconut milk 1/3 by weight Oil (to deep fry)

Rice flour (or bean). If prepared flour is unobtainable, soak the rice in water overnight, drain and pound with pestle and mortar the following morning, separating as necessary to obtain a uniform fine flour. Roast the flour in a warm pan or in an oven. Mix rapidly to prevent burning until flour is slightly brown.

Coconut milk. Split a fresh, mature coconut in half by hitting it crosswise with a very heavy knife. When the clear coconut water has been poured out, the white coconut meat can be removed by grating. Mix tour parts of grated coconut meat with three parts of clean water. Squeeze or press the grated coconut to extract the milk and remove the majority of the coconut meat with a sieve. If more liquid is required the residual grated coconut meat can be soaked and pressed again, (Up to 4 times in total), using two parts coconut meat to one part water.

Oil. Heat the oil in a deep pan to 170 deg C.


Mix the flour, chilli and salt together thoroughly. Add enough coconut milk (approximately half the weight of flour) to bind the dry ingredients to a paste sufficiently wet to extrude, yet dry enough just to stop crumbling or breaking after extrusion.


Extrude the paste through a hand 'piston-type' mould (with a suitable die 0.5-lcm diameter circular/star shaped) into loops or sticks, into the hot oil (170 "C).


Fry the Murukku snacks at the correct temperature for a short time until crisp and golden in colour. Drain the snacks, preferably on paper to soak up excess oil.


If packaging, allow Murukku to cool to room temperature then use polypropylene or cellophane.