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The following books - all new publications for 1990 - are reviewed by Alex Bush, manager of IT's Food Processing, Bangladesh programme.

The books are available from the IT Bookshop, 103-105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH, UK. If ordering by post please make cheques payable to IT Publications Ltd. adding 20% for UK postage and 25% for overseas postage.


Michael W. Bassey, O.G.Schmidt, IDRC, ISBN 0-88936-539-3 Price: £6.75

A review of the development of small-scale abrasive dehullers in Africa. Includes descriptions of various machines, their design and principles of working, and has a welcome bias towards user needs rather than researcher priorities.


B.M. Watts, G.L. Ylimaki, L.E. Jeffery, L.G. Elias, IDRC, ISBN 0 88936 563 6, Price: £9.00

'There is no one instrument that can replicate or replace the human response' (from the introduction). This book describes the scientific use of sensory panels for the evaluation of foodstuffs.


Agrodok 36, AGROMISA/TOOL,

Price: £3.50

A technical source book covering milk as a foodstuff, its treatment, and the preparation of

cream, butter, ghee, yoghurt and cheese.


Adeyinka Onabolu,

UNICEF, ISBN 978 306 00 0 7,

Price: £1.50

Produced by UNICEF's Household Food Security and Nutrition Programme, this book outlines traditional methods of preparing sweet cassava and features recipes, which are accompanied by full colour illustrations, ranging from dried cassava flour pies, to coconut surprise.

Practical products

The Technical Enquiry Unit at Intermediate Technology continues to increase the number of technical briefs it holds and distributes, free of charge, to field workers. Examples

of the briefs they currently hold are:

AN /01 Biltong Production

CA / 01 Canning of foods

DA /01 Dairy Processing

DR /01 Small scale crop drying

FA /01 Design and construction of a building for food processing

FR /01 Fruit juice processing

NU /01 Peanut butter

OE /01 Principles of oil extraction

PA /01 Liquids filling and packaging

QC /01 Quality control procedures

SU /01 Honey processing

M1 /01 Food poisoning and its prevention.

A key function of Food Chain, it is hoped, will be to provide practical production information for various foods by acting as a communications channel for other organizations' literature. Many institutions offer small booklets and pamphlets of this type and Food Chain will make this information more widely available to its readers.

If you have any literature which you think may be of interest, and of use, to Food Chain readers, please send it in c/o the Intermediate Technology Food Processing team who will review and feature as many as they can on future 'Book Lines' pages.