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As with any undertaking like this, the final output is ultimately the result of the contributions of a number of individuals at various stages along the way. In this case, thanks must in the first place go to my colleagues Bill Edwardson, Charles Davis, and José Luis Solleiro who together have worked to design and implement the CamBioTec initiative. The opportunity to work as part of a multidisciplinary team has been a rewarding one for me and represents a new and exciting mode of operations for IDRC as an institution. Within this group, special thanks are due to José Luis who was instrumental in identifying participants for this workshop and in putting together a preliminary agenda for the meeting.

Within IDRC, Elizabeth Michalski and Carmen DuBois ensured that all of the administrative details of the meeting were handled smoothly and efficiently. Thanks go as well to Marg Langill and her colleagues in IDRC's travel office and Susan Warren and the hospitality staff.

In terms of the preparation of this volume, I am grateful to Carlos Yuste for taking copious (and helpful) notes on the discussions. Special thanks must also go to Kathy Kealey, who not only edited the papers contained in the volume, but also helped to organize the meeting to ensure that the proceedings could be published as quickly as possible. I am also indebted to Charles Davis, William Lesser, and Rodolfo Quintero for their skilful interventions in leading the discussions in working groups and in helping to summarize the results of the workshop - both of which made my task of preparing the executive summary that much easier. Similarly, the contributors to this volume made my job easier by ensuring that papers were prepared and revised under a very tight time frame.

Finally, I would like to thank the participants in the workshop, whose attendance (often at very short notice from IDRC) served to ensure a lively and productive set of discussions.

Brent Herbert-Copley

IDRC, July 1995