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Open this folder and view contents Session 10 - National health policy and programs for controlling diarrheal diseases
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Module Four: Working with the health system


This module addresses practical issues in coordinating Volunteers' project efforts with programs in the host country. Session 10 provides an overview of policies and programs on ORT as a part of CDD in the country. Session 11 focuses on pros and cons of collaboration between agencies and projects focused on ORT. Session 12 examines the national CDD surveillance system and ways Volunteers and Counterparts can contribute to that system.


At the end of this module the participants will be able to:

• Explain the Host Country National's recommendations for the use of ORS packets and homemade oral rehydration solutions in the treatment of diarrhea and dehydration that were stated in Session 10.

• List two areas identified in Session 11 in which Peace Corps Volunteers can collaborate with Host Country Nationals and/or other international organizations in the implementation of CDD programs.

• Describe the Host Country National Diarrheal disease surveillance system as explained in Session 12.

Cross reference with the Technical Health Training Manual:

Session 6 Health Care Delivery System

Session 9 Monitoring