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close this book GATE - 3/94 - Management of harmful substances
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Dear readers

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Phasing Out of Harmful Substances by Ecological Management of Material Flows

Environmental awareness and open markets

How to introduce ecological standards for products in newly industrialized countries

Pesticide life-cycle analysis - a tool for the greening of production

Outlook for fruit-growing without pesticides

The IGEP project in India encourages environmentally sound industrial products

Special report

How development cooperation can further technological capacity building


Lessons from the Thai-German Biogas Programme

Questions & answers

The Sundhara Oil Expeller

AT activities

Solar cookers put to the test

Water dowsers: an unconventional method of locating water reserves

ISAT: tackling the future with a new élan

AT-forum organizes advisory services pilot project on post-harvest technologies


Development scene


Courses and meetings


GATE publications