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My sincere thanks go to the institutions and individuals who made the international Calliandra workshop a success. Members of the workshop steering committee were: Ngaloken Gintings, Mohamid Rosid, Dedeh, Syamsudin, Hayati Yusuf, and Agus Sukardi of the Agency for Forestry Research and Development, Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia; Alan Pottinger of the Oxford Forestry Institute; and Dale Evans of the University of Hawaii. A special thanks go to Dr. Gintings and his staff for their hospitality and kindness, and to Dr. Hsu-Ho Chung of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute for arranging the printing and distribution of this field manual.

Winrock International and the Agency for Forestry Research and Development, Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia gratefully acknowledge financial support for the workshop provided by:

• United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Tropical Forestry Program (USDA/FS/TFP)

• Forestry Research Program on behalf of the Overseas Development Administration, United Kingdom

• Taiwan Forestry Research Institute and Council of Agriculture

• Rockefeller Brothers Fund

In addition to providing financial support for the workshop, the USDA/FS/TFP provided support for the publication of this field manual. The Taiwan Forestry Research Institute arranged printing and distribution, with financial support from the Taiwan Council of Agriculture.

A special thanks also go to the authors of the individual chapters in this field manual. They worked diligently both during and after the workshop to make this manual as complete and accurate as possible. In addition to the authors listed at the beginning of each chapter, Steve Krecik, Junus Kartasubrata, Brian Palmer, Duncan Macqueen, Joanne Chamberlain, and Bahiru Duguma provided valuable comments on Chapter 3.

Sidney B. Westley edited the text, and Jim Roshetko provided technical assistance. Doris Cook keyed in text. Diane Michels proofread the final draft. Again, my sincere thanks to all these individuals and institutions.

Mark H. Powell, Editor

Leaves, pods and flowers of Calliandra calothyrsus. D. J. Macqueen 1993.