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Unplugged shareware

The on-line version of the "Unplugged" activities is offered as shareware. If you find the material useful we ask that you pay a small fee (only £10 in the UK, or US$15). In exchange we will send you the full book electronically, with permission for you to print a copy, and run off as many copies as you need of the worksheets for use with your class. If you wish to print multiple copies of the book, an institutional licence is available for £50, or US$75. To pay the fee, simply send the following form by email (, fax, or post to the address below.

Watch our web site ( for the latest information on availability of the book and other material, or send email to to be kept informed of developments.

The book will be delivered in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, which can be browsed and printed with Adobe's free software (

"Unplugged" project shareware payment (WWW)

Payment by: VISA/MASTERCARD/CHECK/CHEQUE (indicate one)

Payment to "Unplugged Project", University of Canterbury

Name :




Teacher shareware fee:

GBP £10 (UK) or US$15 (USA), or 

Institutional shareware fee:

GBP & pound;50 (UK) or US$75. (indicate one)

Card number:

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Expiry date:

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Your email address (if this form is not sent by email):  ____________________

Preferred method of delivery:  FTP/Web browser/CD-ROM/other

(the availability of some of these media will depend on demand; please

indicate your order of preference and we will try to accomodate it.)

Computer platform: Windows 98/Windows 95/Windows NT/Macintosh/Other (please specify)

Please send the form by one of the following methods:




(international) +64 3 364-2569



"Unplugged project",


Department of Computer Science,


University of Canterbury,


Private Bag 4800,




New Zealand.