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Rap songs about AIDS

Clean Out Your Ears

Clean out your ears

Open your eyes

Listen, I'm not dissin'

I tell no lies

I'm here to broadcast reality

The most talked about threat

To you and me

AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency

You don't have to be gay

To get this disease

So listen to this message

I'm asking you please

'Cause if you're using dirty needles

Or you're having sex

When it comes to AIDS

You know, you could be next

So take care, be careful

You better watch out

Think about what you're doin'

When the lights go out

And if you don't have a condom

When it's time to play

You'd be a whole lot smarter

Just to - walk away,

Walk away, walk away

Wanda and Ray

Let me tell you all a story

About Wanda and Ray

Two-young lovers

Who decided one day

That the time had come

To go - all the way

Well they didn't know much

About the problem of AIDS

But they did know enough

To be a little afraid

So they made a decision

Right there and then

To get the facts about AIDS

Before the love begins

When they learned the facts

It opened their eyes

They decided to wait

A decision so wise

And if you ever find yourself

In that position one day

Be smart, take a lesson

From Wanda and Ray

Dirty Needles - Shootin' AIDS

You use a dirty needle

So I ask you why

Must you abuse your precious veins

Just for a quick high

Don't ruin your life

Don't damage yourself

This could really be a matter

Of life and death

You choose to use a dirty needle

Well I hate to say

That it could be one high

You might regret someday

So, to make this message

Short, simple and brief

Don't share a needle, but if you must

Clean it with bleach

And if you think that needle

Will ease your pain

You could be shootin' AIDS

Right into you veins

All songs written by Sterling Winterhalter and Cliff McAllister,

San Francisco AIDS Foundation